Creating Team Rosters

Click the
TEAMS button at the top of the Host Settings screen:
Support for Online/Virtual Systems
Hosting a match using our line QuizBowl PRO system involves 3 steps:

1. Creating team rosters.

2. Setting match options.

3. Launching your match.

We'll elaborate on each of these steps below.
Click the CREATE TEAM button to open the roster editor:
Enter a Team Name and your players' names, then click the SAVE button.  (It's below Player 15.)

Repeat this process to enter a second team.  (You can enter as many teams as you like.  There's no limit.)
Enter a Match Name and a Match Date.

Select your teams using the Team 1 and Team 2 dropdowns, and your player rosters will "drop in" automatically in the order you entered them.  If needed, you can use the Player dropdowns to select your players.

Then scroll down and activate/customize your other match options for the types of questions you play, point values, timer settings, etc.

Then click the
CREATE MATCH button, which will display this match's ID along with any other matches you've created:
Setting Match Options

When you have entered all your team and player names, click the
MATCHES button:
Click the CREATE MATCH button to open the match settings editor:
Launching Your Match

Click the Match ID link to launch your match, and the play screen will appear:
Note that the Match ID displays in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.  Give your players this Match ID and tell them to use the Join a Match option on the QuizBowl Systems home page to enter the match:
When players are logged in, use the Ring-In Test button to display a RING-IN button on their screens, which they can touch to ring-in.  The player who's first will see a YOU'RE FIRST message on their screen, and their name will be highlighted on your screen:
Join a Match
Host Login
See the pencil icon next to the trash can icon?  Use it to edit your settings, if needed.
When it's time for a substitution, click the SUB PLAYERS button to display a dialog box that allows you to select new players from your player roster:
Using the System
Do's and Don'ts
Technical Considerations