A complete WiFi-based  scoreboard system for just $199!
You already have WiFi in your school, and many of your students already have smartphones.  So stop telling your students to put their phones away at practice and start telling them to get 'em out!  The Player App is a free download from the App Store or Google Play.

Launch the QuizBowl PRO Match Manager program on your Windows PC, and players can ring-in just by touching their phones or tablet devices:
And just like QuizBowl LITE, each of 6 teams can have up to 5 players, but you can also involve your entire team (or class) in an activity because up to 40 players can participate head-to-head:
On a toss-up (and if your competition format allows), QuizBowl PRO offers you easy-to-read buttons for Power, Right, Wrong, and Neg:
Need a dedicated wireless router and/or dedicated (i.e., identical) devices for an 8-10 player competition system?  We can help, and the overall price of a kit will surprise you.  It could be as little as $600!  Call us at 312-881-7371 or write to us at info@quizbowlsystems.com for more information.
You can either click on these buttons with your mouse (or your finger, if you have a touchscreen display) OR you can press the keyboard shortcut keys printed under each button's name: P for Power, + for Right, - for Wrong, and N for Neg.

What could be easier?
2. Ask your IT Coordinator to follow the instructions on our Support Page to download/install the Player Apps and to check the configuration of your wireless router.
Already have a wireless router & player devices?  Then here's all you need to do:
1. Purchase a QuizBowl PRO Match Manager license online.  It's just $199!
QuizBowl PRO plays bonus questions - with or without rebounding/bounceback of missed parts - as well as team questions.

To top it all off, there's a live (editable) spreadsheet that you can access at any time during a match.  It's SQBS- & Neg 5-compatible, too!