Using a standard Windows PC or laptop, QuizBowl LITE displays ring-in winners' names on-screen as well as on an optional public display.  Up to 6 teams of 5 players each can play - or 40 players head-to-head.
And they're easy to use and support standard quiz bowl rule settings + Quick Recall, Scholastic Bowl, Commissioner's Academic Challenge, National Science Bowl, ACF, PACE, NASAT, MATHCOUNTS, High Q, and many others.
QuizBowl PRO automates everything - timers, ring-in identification (spotting), and scoring.  It even gives you a live spreadsheet you can edit during a match and saves results in SQBS- and Neg 5-compatible format.
Only $99!
Just $199!
You already have WiFi in your school, and many of your students already have smartphones.  So stop telling your students to put their phones away at practice and start telling them to get 'em out!  Our Player App is a free download from the App Store or Google Play.
Both systems are wireless and use standard WiFi networking technology - but no Internet is required.
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